Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A missing Moe and a barn under construction....again

On Saturday night our much loved male pit bull went missing. We looked everywhere for him and were frantic. We called animal control and all the other places and people one should call when missing a dog and of course kept looking around the area trying to find him. We have a river near our house, which right now is very high due to all the rain we have gotten so we were very worried that Moe (the pit bull) fell into the river and was swept away. 24 hours after he first went missing we got a call from animal control saying that a dog was found not far from our house and if it was our dog we should go pick him up and take him to the vet since it looked as though he had been in a fight. We rushed over to the address given and yes, it was our Moe and yes he was very banged up. He was about 2 or 3 miles from home and it looked as though he had been hit by a car and not in a fight. We took him to the vet for stitches and we are happy to report that our much loved Moe is back at home and recouping. It was a hard weekend for both the humans at the house and Mr. Moe.

The Moe beast, this is an older pic so no stitches. I will have to get a new pic of his stitch face.

Now onto the horses! I had a man come over and take a good look at the barn and was told what i knew already. The other person who was fixing the floor, did it very wrong and everything needs to be re-done. The barn has been half-done since Christmas and has needed to be finished but the guy who was doing bailed on us and left us with a half finished job.

This is the best pic I have of the UN-finished job

So this new guy has been hired on to fix the problem. He is going to replace all the work the first guy did, fix the sills and the broken beams (something the first guy was supposed to do but didn't) and re-do the stalls. Work will start in about a month once the ground thaws and the horses need to be moved to another stable for about 2 to 3 months while the work is being done. I've never boarded any of my horses so I'm a bit nervous about this. I'm not even sure what to look for in a boarding stable. I'm hoping to find one nearby and maybe one that has training facilities and a trainer. I figure this is a good time to get some much needed training in on the girls. So my search for a boarding stable starts. I have about a month to move them. I don't even know how it's going to be to not have to take care of my ladies. I've got some good tips on farms and I have to find the right one for us. I don't want just anyone working with and taking care of my girls!

I rode Gypsy today and she started off poorly but after I threatened her life in a very nasty tone, she smartened up and straightened out. I was able to take her down a trail to the sand pit and ride her back home on the road. She walked through a huge puddle with no worries! I was so proud of her and i think she was a bit proud of herself too. she was a very brave girl today and she is showing signs of turning into a very nice trail horse. I hope we can keep this up and not hit any setbacks. For now though, I am very happy and proud of my white and black monster. She was nervous, but she listened to me none the less and did as I asked. She was a bit sweaty when we got home but that's OK since I want her to work a little. We only walked and trotted but I guess that was enough to get her sweaty. We are both out of shape and I am working on getting us both where we need to be. She's on a diet, I'm on a diet. Good for us! We will lose weight and get in shape together!

This is a sight I've been waiting for!

Gypsy's feet are getting even better but I do think I need to buy her a pair of easyboots. She is wearing her feet too much on our short rides and if I want to be able to ride her long distances then I will need some protection for her feet. Easyboots are like sneakers for horses. They are expensive but they will be needed if I want to keep Gypsy barefoot (which I do) and keep riding her (which I do). Her odd pancaking foot isn't so pancakey and has less flare. Dare I say we have gotten that under control? I hope so but time will tell.

Hooves are looking more like a horse's and less like a pancake!

Gypsy giving me the stink eye. I love my grumpy mare!

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