Monday, March 8, 2010

It's almost been a year and I'm still out of shape!

I need to get in shape. I'm not super out of shape, but I am out of shape. I blame myself for spending too much time online reading other people's blogs and chatting on facebook. Also, I'm sure all the candy, iced tea, and Chinese food don't help much. Those are my weaknesses. I had an exercise routine going, but of course, I fell out of it. I need to get back to it. My boyfriend thought I was insane when I bought a pair of sporty exercise pants and some sports bras the other day. "Why do you need that stuff?" He asked. "Because I do." was all I could muster up for an answer. My fat behind needs to get moving. Really. I thought about joining a gym, but it's really not convenient for me. So at home exercises will have to do. I used to exercise all the time, but when I moved into the city I stopped. I haven't really thought about exercise much until a year ago when I bought Gypsy. I have come a long way since last year. Last year I could barely get my foot in the stirrup, now I can reach with ease. I'm slowly getting back what I lost after 5 years of not having horses. My legs are getting stronger my posture is coming back. I am getting there, but it's slow going. I didn't help that I couldn't ride for 6 months while Gypsy was getting over her laminitis. That set me back. It set both of us back.

I've almost had Gypsy for a year now. It will be a year next month on April 7th. We've already gone through a lot together. White line disease, lamintitis, her barn sour issues. I hope to make a nice horse out of her. She is getting there. We are long way from where I would like us to be, but we are getting there. We have progressed since last year. Now I can ride her and almost keep her walking away from the barn. I found out today that a crop helps a little, not much, but a little. If I keep annoying her with it and tapping her bum lightly I find it helps get her attention and helps my weak leg aids a bit more. My legs get tired with all the squeezing I need to do to keep her moving. I'm not beating my horse to a pulp with the crop, just using it to make things a little more clear.

Gypsy has a birthday coming up too. May 6th Gypsy will be 7 and on May 4th Mystic will be 5. I'll have to have a birthday party for the two of them. I'll have to find a nice horsey cake recipe for the girls and make them a cake.

I need to get Mystic backed soon. I've just been kinda nervous to do it myself. I'd like to get some help from trainer, but the best one nearby is always very busy and hard to get to come out. I've done it before with other horses. I've started other people's horses, a Standardbred I got off the track who was my first mare and a Tennessee walking horse colt who I bought when he was nine months old (I started him at 3). I don't know why I'm so nervous with Mystic. Maybe it's because I haven't started a horse in so long, maybe it's because I'm older now and not as fearless as I used to be. It needs to be done though. Her ground work is solid, she is ready but I don't know if I am. My Dad used to help me start the horses, but now with my Dad gone, I don't have that extra pair of hands. I could ask my boyfriend, but I find he is a little to rough with the horses and I don't like that. He's not mean, he's just rough because he doesn't know.

Gypsy went muddin'

Gypsy's feet are covered in mud since I tried to ride her through the back part of the property and didn't realize how boggy it was back there. I gave up, got off and lead her back to the barn, we were both covered in mud after. I will not be doing that again until it dries up!

I tired my bosal on Gypsy today. It was an experiment, but she did ok in it. I'm thinking of going bit less. I would like to, I just need to save up some green for a bit less bridle. She's always chewing the bit and I just think she would be happier bit less. We are not ready for the bosal yet, I know that, but I think bit less may be worth looking into.

A yawn after our ride.

And then a roll!

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