Saturday, March 6, 2010

When 4-wheelers attack!

These feet were only part of the beast I had to excavate from the mud. The rest did not look much better. Yes, it is mud season in Maine. A very early mud season, but mud season none the less. Since the day was so nice I thought I'd take Gypsy for a ride to the sand pit and back. She did well with that, even though I had to lead her over the bridge so she wouldn't stop dead in the middle of it and block traffic. She likes to block traffic when we go out. I however, do not. I would like to live to see another day and NOT get hit by a car, thank you.

Our ride was good on the trail but I could hear some 4-wheelers nearby which was making me nervous so I didn't go all the way to the sand pit since that's where they always are. We came back to the house and of course the 4-wheelers went flying by, popping wheelies or whatever they call them these days. Gypsy just about came unglued, she nearly tossed me. So after lots of calming talking to her I was able to get her settled enough to teach her that 4-wheelers do not eat horses. I don't think she believed me. Hell, I didn't even believe me, but these are the things a trail horse must ignore, even with a nervous rider on their back who is about to have a heart attack.

Us at the end of the driveway, right before the dreaded 4-wheeler attack.

So, now I think I will be having a talk with with my neighbor asking him to try and drive a little slower on his 4-wheeler and not pop wheelies when going by me and my not so experienced trail horse. Also it would be nice if all 6 of his buddies riding behind him would do the same.

Anyways, Now for a hoof update! Gypsy's feet are doing good. I think i will need to invest in some easyboots since she is wearing her feet a bit more then I would like on our short rides. I am going to ask my super awesome farrier to help me measure her feet for a pair the next time she is out. The white line disease has almost disappeared altogether and the laminitis seems to be a thing of the past. I'd like to keep it that way too. Who knew that NOT putting shoes on would make such a difference. Again, my super awesome farrier rocks!

Look! Her feet look better!

I also went to Tractor Supply today and bought a new helmet. After the evil 4-wheelers, I thought I would like a newer model keeping my noodle safe. I really need to stop going there though, I always spend waaaay to much money. I went for just a new helmet and that's it. I ended up leaving with a new full cheek snaffle, some horse treats, a new magazine to read, some tools that my boyfriend said I needed and I of course believed him and a new brush, plus the helmet. Go me!

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