Friday, March 19, 2010

Triming feet, black and blue foot.

The black and blue foot would be mine.

The farrier came today to trim up the girls. Before the farrier came I figured I'd hose the horse's feet to get all the mud off and brush them before she came. I did Gypsy first. She was fine with it since she is used to the hose and the feeling of water running on her feet. After the hosing, I tied Gypsy to my hitching tree and brushed her off a bit and was able to unearth the horse that was under all the mud and dirt. Gypsy was uneventful and easy going. She was the good horse at that moment. Next was Mystic. Mystic freaked out coming out of the barn and thought it would be really cool to spook at everything. There were some kids doing some gardening and yard work for us and she thought they were going to eat her. Next the hose. She didn't like the hose, it looks like a snake you know! The water on running on her feet made her pick up her feet like a crazy dancer. After hosing her feet I thought it best to groom her inside since Gypsy was making a fuss screaming for her and kicking the walls. I HATE wall kickers. Gypsy knows this. Anyways...I brought Mystic inside, put her on the cross ties, like I have before and started grooming her. Gypsy was in the stall by the cross ties since I wanted her feet to dry and stay clean, otherwise I would have had Gypsy outside. Gypsy must have spooked Mystic, who was already in a spooky everything is going to get me kind of mood, and Mystic pulled back on the cross ties. She flew back so fast and then got even more scared when she realized she couldn't back up anymore and she was tied. She panicked and then fell down, stomped on my foot somehow and then the break away halter broke. It happened so fast I didn't have time to pull the emergency snaps on the cross ties. I was able to catch Mystic easily, despite my throbbing foot, in the barn and get her settled again. Mystic was the bad horse in this moment. So now my foot is black and blue and it hurts, but nothing is broken, it's just really really sore.

The farrier came and Gypsy was good with her fronts, but awful with her hinds, like always. She's getting better but she still makes the farrier work a little harder then she should have to. Mystic on the other hand is wonderful while getting her feet done. Gypsy's feel are getting even better and the next time the farrier comes out with will me measuring her feel for easyboots! We though it would be best to give her feet a little more time and see what happens. Mystic's feet look awesome but one foot wears differently then the other and we can't figure out why since she doesn't move off balance or paw or anything like that. It's strange and it's something to keep an eye on.

Sorry, I have no pictures to go along with my post today. I will make up for the lack of pictures with more pictures this week. Really! I will!

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