Monday, February 22, 2010

Enter Mystic

A few weeks ago I got another horse. Her name is Snickersbartime and she's another paint. She's 4 and not started under saddle yet. I'm going to have a lot of ground work ahead of me!! I've Been calling her Mystic since I don't really like calling her Snickers.

The boy and I drove to Kennebunk to take a look at her. I wasn't planning on bringing her home, but she was such a sweetheart, I couldn't not have her as my own. The farm she was at was beautiful! They were right on the ocean and could ride the horses on the beach whenever they wanted. They had 3 freisians that of course were perfect. If I had to board a horse anywhere, I would love it to be there. Of course I didn't get to ride Mystic since she isn't started under saddle yet, but I can tell she's got a good background on her.

Since I don't have a horse trailer yet, I had the owners bring her over. Gypsy winneied as soon as she saw the horse trailer pull up. It was like she knew a new friend had arrived for her! I turned Mystic out with Gypsy right away and things were fine. No fights, no squealing, no nothing. My girls are so good!

They have since become good friends and Gypsy is always looking out to see where Mystic is at. Mystic had her first farrier trim while here and did wonderfull, I'm expecting nothing but good things from this little horse!

I mean, come on! How you you not fall in love with that face!

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