Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sunday filled with horses......

Icelandic horses and a couple of Paints!

I woke up at my normal time (6ish) and let the horses out and gave them thier hay Then it was off to Boulder Ridge Icelandics to watch Shannon and Rebecca have a lesson. It was very Intresting and I learned a little. I got to meet some wonderful people who live nearby and they may help me with my search for an icelandic horse of my own. I got to ride Ari after they had thier lessons and Shannon and I rode down the driveway and back. Shannon got to take a little hack on the trails and she looked so happy when she got back.

Doesn't she look happy?

Shannon showed me how to hook up a horse trailer which is much easier then I thought it would be. I can't wait to get a truck so I can get a trailer of my own and take my horses new places to ride!

Shannon's truck and borrowed trailer

When I got back home I rode Gypsy and she did ok. She still needs to learn that she can't get away with not going foward when she doesn't want to do something. I think I made a break through today, but one can never be sure with that mare. I was able to ride her down the trail to the river, but I did have to lead her past the spooky spot st the end of the driveway and there was a place where the river water laps at the bank making a spooky sound and she didn't like that much but I was able to get her past it without getting off. We did some trot work and she did throw me some bucks which I was not happy about. I stuck to her and rode her out but I really don't like the bucking thing. That will be something we need to work on as well.

It was just such a great horse filled day! I'm super tired now though. I will sleep well tonight! I'm hopeing it doesn't rain in the next few days but it is suppossed to, because I would like to get another ride in on Gypsy tomorrow and start the ball rolling with Mystic. I also need to start thinking about getting my fenceing stuff so I can re-do the fence in the next few weeks. My fence looks like hell and I need to get it working properly again which means re-doing it properly.

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