Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010 reveiw

The word for the year is abscesses! Boy did I have a lot of them to deal with! Gypsy kept getting abscess after abscess. I became the master of the hoof soak and wrap combo. I hope 2011 will be abscess free! I was able to start riding Gypsy lightly in between all the abscesses and even take her to a clinic. I hope in 2011 we make it to more riding clinics. With Gypsy on the road to being a sound horse, I feel confident in being able to do more fun things with her.

I started Doodles to saddle! All by myself! We've had our good moments and our bad but all in all I'm super happy with Doodles! I never did get to take her to a clinic or event, but I wasn't sure if she was ready. This year we will be ready for some fun things. Doodles also helped me get over my fear of starting a horse by myself. I had started many horses to saddle before Doodles but had a nasty spill off one of my greenies years ago and lost my confidence in starting young horses. She has helped restore some of my confidence in working with horses. I will be forever grateful to her for that. She has taught me that I know more then I think I do and to believe in myself.

We bought a truck and horse trailer! That is something I have wanted ever since owning horses but was never able to buy.

The barn was finished! After being started by someone who didn't know anything about barn restoration, it was almost destroyed. Thankfully we then found the man who has done the amazing and saved our 100 year old barn. It couldn't have come out nicer! I am so happy with the new setup and best of all, it's safe for the horses! Not only did he do a wonderful job on the barn, he also worked on the house and became almost like family.

We had the dying christmas trees cut down. This place used to be an old christmas tree farm but the trees were never taken care of so they were dying. We had them all cut down so we could make more room for the horses. Then after the cutting of the trees, we had to get all the stumps pullled and land bulldozed. We eneded up making room for a wonderful riding ring and more pasture space. We put up new fence posts and ran new hotwire. The land clearing was a huge job and more money then we expected but it does look wonderful now without the sad dying christmas trees.

We seem to have fixed the mud problem that plagued me all last spring. That was in part due to the bulldozing and reworking the land.

We went bitless! And we love it! Doodles is almost always ridden in a bitless bridle and Gypsy has been being trained for it was well.

My jeep died and had to be taken away to jeep heaven :( I miss that jeep.

Eve tore her ACL and needs surgery. One of the few sadder events of the year and as it is a more recent event, it is the start to my new year. I can only hope things will look up for my sweet Eve and she will make it through her surgery and rehab.

2010 was a year of many changes, some that we weren't sure of and then grew to like, others that we wanted and needed to happen. I hope 2011 treats us well. I welcome whatever may come and hope for the best.

Goodbye 2010, welcome 2011!

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