Thursday, December 30, 2010

Surgery for Eve.

We got approved for the care credit for Eve. She's going into surgery on the 10th. I hope this is the right decision. I think it is, but one never knows. She had a very hard day today, the vet didn't get her meds in until late and I've been out. She seems a bit more comfortable now that she's got her meds but she's still having a hard time. Poor girl.

The Girls are doing good. Gypsy hasn't taken a lame step since this cold weather hit, which is nice. Watch, I bet I just jinxed myself. *Sighs* It's always something with animals. I just want things to go smoothly with my animals for once. I do everything to keep them healthy and happy and they still get hurt anyways. I think I'll bubble wrap everyone. Too bad bubble wrap won't help with the internal stuff though, just the bumps and bangs.

I have some time off this weekend (yay) so I'm going to try and go riding. I need a nice horsey ride, even a bad horsey ride will help my mood. I need to get the girls back into training. I've been slacking because of the cold. It's more then time for me to get back on those horses!


Muddy K said...

It seems to me you've made the right decision for your sweet Eve. I think it's always the right decision when your goal is to eliminate an animal's pain and restore their quality of life to what they've always known. Bubble wrap, armor, swaddling, yes! If only. I hope you do go for a ride, it will do a world of good even just to sit up there!

neith said...

Thanks. I think it's the right decision too. Now the hard part is waiting until the 10th. The vet seems to think the meds will build up in her system and she'll start feeling better in a few days. I hope that's the case.