Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have been busy with work. Too busy. It seems now that I go in to work just as it's getting light and get home just as it's getting dark. Such is the life when working retail. Anyways, Friday after Thanksgiving I had been out late to the goth club watching a band. I didn't get home until 2 or 3 in the morning. My other half had forgotten to feed the girls so when I got home I fed them a quick dinner and went to bed. I was awoken at 6 in the morning to my mom telling me the neighbor had called and then come over to let us know the girls had gotten out. They were on his front lawn. Nice. I was able to get them with no problems, catch Gypsy and Doodles will follow. The fence had come partly down in a wind storm we had and of course I haven't been able to really look at the fences since I'm always home after dark. The fence has since be repaired and I made a make shift way to plug the electric fence back in. It's been unable to be plugged in because of the work on the barn, there wasn't an outlet close enough for the fence charger. I worked something out so a least a little power is flowing threw the lines. It's just enough to keep them away from the wires, but wouldn't stop them if they really wanted to get out. Lucky for me they are really good once the fence is on and "clicking" and won't test it.

I've started feeding beet pulp at night. I figure for the winter it might be a good idea, at least for Doodles. Gypsy is getting some too, although she really doesn't need it. They seem to really like it and I figure it gets a little more water in them since I soak it before I feed it. We'll see how this goes.

We've gotten little dustings of snow here and there but nothing to really stick yet. I hope it holds off for a little while longer. Just until we get the run in done. We had the concrete poured yesterday and now we are just waiting on it to set. The building begins sometime this week or next, weather depending. I'm glad we got the holes dug and concrete poured when we did, if we had to wait any longer we wouldn't have been able to do it until spring because of the ground freezing. I can't wait until this barn is done.....

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