Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sad times.

Sorry I haven't been here. We found out Eve had bone cancer when she went in for her acl surgery and we decided to have her put to sleep. We could have amputated the leg, but the cancer was through out her body and it only would have given her another few months at best. I made the hard choice and had them put her to sleep. I'm sad, but I'm ok with my decision. I couldn't see her living in pain and being unhappy. I'd rather have an animal put down a day too early then a day too late, if that makes any sense. She lived a good and happy 9 years. She was a good dog. It's been strange not having her around. I miss her.

Here in Maine right now we are getting a massive blizzard. I tryed to get to work today but failed because the roads were so bad. Even though I didn't make it to my paying job, I had a lot of work around the farm to get done. Plowing, shoveling, feeding animals, there is no snow day on a farm. In fact, that just means twice as much work.

Gotta love winter in Maine.

Anyways. I'll try to update you all of the storm and it's clean up tomrrow. Now, I need to bring fresh water to the girls.


Rebecca said...

My father's 15 year old boxer underwent the surgery to have her leg amputated after they discovered she had bone cancer. Sadly, after the surgery she had already decided to pretty much gave up on life and wasted away for a week until they decided to put her down. I think it was even harder to see her suffer after the surgery for him then to decide to put her down. I think you made the right decision, and I commend you for making that hard decision.

Muddy K said...

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to let Eve go.