Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Escape #2

So again the girls got out. This time though they didn't go very far, only in our front yard. The neighbor had noticed them and came over (again) to let me know they were loose (again). Another wonderful 6am wake up call. I can't wait until I can get my fence charger hooked up correctly so the next time they try this they get a really good zap. The back of the barn is getting close to being done, thankfully. Once that is done I can hook up the fence all proper like.

The girls are loving the beet pulp. It's quite easy for me to feed and I don't mind the small amount of prep work it takes. They seem to look forward to their warm din din and I like it since it gets a little more water in them and it makes hiding Gypsy's supplements easy. So yeah, so far the beet pulp is a big win!


Rebecca said...

I love beet pulp too for the same reasons. When I started feeding beet pulp I was at a boarding barn full of 1st timers who lectured me constantly on the horrors they had heard about beet pulp. It got to be annoying, but beet pulp sure made my horses look great. :)

Muddy K said...

The barn is looking great!