Monday, August 30, 2010

Bitless bridle on the way!

I found a Dr. Cooks Bitless bridle on craigslist for a good price. I sent the money to the lady on Friday so I'm hopeing I will get it tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm excited to try it out. I want to try Doodles in english tack. So far I have only been working with her western. She's been doing well in western but I really want to give english a try. I really like the idea of bitless with Doodles so I'm excited to get this bridle. Doodles has been working in a bosal hackmore so I think the change won't be to drastic for her.

Gypsy Is still improving, today she was running around the pasture with Doodles. I haven't had her boots on in a few days. I can see she's a tad tender footed but she's not dead lame. I'm going to Give her the rest of the year off and maybe start again with her in the spring. Right now I guess I'll just focus on Doodles and keep up the ground work and manners with Gypsy.

I've been kinda stuck in my own head lately so I haven't been riding much. I don't like riding when I'm more focused inside then out. I'm coming out of it, but I'm still not there yet. Tomorrow I will be riding Doodles, if it's not 100 degrees out like it was today and I can keep focused for more then 5 minutes.

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goodtimetoreview said...

At my barn all the lesson horses use bitless bridles and they work great! My monster is a creature of habit though and was acting really weird when I tried on on him. hopefully you will have better luck.
I ride english well, mostly dressage. and my monster loves it. I've got a winteck saddle with the cAir pannels in it so he really likes it on his back, i've also added a gel pad. the one time I put my western saddle on him though he had alot more forward movement. He's an OTTB and I often joke that since he retired they took out his racehorse brain and put in a old ranch horse brain. lol

Hopefully you will get out there and ride today! I wanted to ride last night but we had major thunderstorms...boooo!!