Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And as I was saying....

Ok, so what I was trying to say the other day before Blogger so rudely ate my post is that Gypsy's white line disease is back. I went out to go for a ride on Miss Doodles, who has been in training since Gypsy went lame, only to find that Gypsy had a huge crack/chunk missing from her hoof. Upon closer inspection with my hoof pick I found a lot of white powdery stuff coming from the area. I was able to dig up into the hoof quite far, or at least I thought it was far, but everything seems worse then it is when it's your horse that has the problem. If it was someone else's horse I would most likely say that it looks ok and is not that deep of a hole, but since it's MY horse I'm thinking nothing but the worst. I got all the dirt and junk out of the hoof and put some dry-cow stuff on it and then wrapped it with vet wrap and duct tape to try and keep it clean. I'm also hoping the vet wrap duct tape boot keeps that piece of hoof from cracking and breaking more. I think I am the master at vet wrap duct tape hoof boots. I can apply one in less then 15 minutes now where as it used to take me a half hour to forty five minutes when Gypsy first had her problems. This may or may not be something I am proud of. I'm glad I can do it, but I really wish I didn't have to.

Today Gypsy seemed in a good mood. She even ran away from me at a nice little canter when I tried to get her to change her vet wrap duct tape hoof boot, even throwing in a few bucks and farts for good measure. Stupid horse. So I was left trudging after her in 90 degree heat (something Maine has been seeing a lot of lately) and trying to chase her down. At least when she was lame I could catch her. Doodles on the other hand thought this was a fun game and wanted to play along but really didn't get the whole idea of the "you can't catch me" game as she kept coming over to me like she was almost saying "wait, is this how we play? What are you doing? Do you want me?" No Doodles, I want the stupid white mare that needs her feet taken care of, get out of my face, I'm not in the mood for you. I love my Doodle Bug though. She's a good little girl.

Speaking of the doodle Bug. I've been riding her almost every day. She's coming along very well in her training. I'm surprising myself with how much I know and how well I've gotten her started. I'm hoping to take her to a clinic this month. That's my goal for the month, take Doodles to a clinic. I can do that. And hopefully come back in one piece.

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