Monday, August 16, 2010

And today the vet was called.

I called the vet today about Gypsy's hoof issues fully expecting the vet clinic to send someone right out with in the next day or two. That was not the case. I talked in depth (while at work and on the clock, mind you) about what is going on. The advice I got? Soak her feet in Epsom salts and wait it out. Oh, and stop giving her the bute I've been giving her to keep her comfortable. I'm starting to think I need another vet. But I'm also wondering if I'm just being over-reactive and one of "those" kind of horse owners. We all know "those" horse owners who think they know everything and what is best for their horse. The thing is though, is that I do know what's best for my horse, I've been through this before with Gypsy and I know she needs a vet right now, but my vet won't come out. This makes me wonder if I had a really bad emergency, like colic, would my vet come running to my horse's aid, or would they tell me to just wait it out?

The vet seems to think it's an abscess and that the Epsom's salts will help to draw out the nasty stuff. I am going to do what the vet suggested but I may be calling another vet just see what they say. A second opinion so to speak. I will be beyond pissed if this is something serious and my vet told me to just soak her feet in Epsom salts.

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