Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think the vet was right.

Let me say that even though I questioned my vet's hands off approach to my horse's care, he was kinda right on this one. Today I bought some epsom salts and an easyboot soaker and soaked 3 out of 4 feet. The easyboot soaker made it a bit easier then the hoof in the bucket method, even though the boot I bought was a tad too small. I should have bought the next size up. I was doubtful the soaking would do anything but sure enough, later after I soaked her feet she seemed to be walking a bit better, a lot better in fact. I didn't expect to see any results so fast! I also bought some easyboots for daily wear around the pasture. These have also made a big difference in how Gypsy walks. She seems much more comfortable now. She is taking less short choppy steps and now is starting to walk normal again. I'm loving easyboots! A lot!

The funny thing about the hoof boot that I bought is that they have sitting at the feed store for about a year now. They were brought in on consignment and though I have looked at them many times and wondered if they would fit, I never dared to buy them in case they didn't. The price was right on them and I was told that if they didn't fit i could bring them back, so I took the plunge and bought them. And they fit great!!! They are a bit older and they were used but hey, they are doing good things for my girl. I don't care that they aren't new, and I don't think she does either. Just think, the boots I have needed for Gypsy have been right in front for me for a year now and all I had to do was get brave and try them out! I'm so happy I bought them. Gypsy is happy I bought them. I'm happy that she's happy. And I bet the lady who had them on consignment for a year is happy to sell them! Everyone is happy!

My goth ninja rooster got killed the other day. He was a black silkie. I'm kinda bummed about it since he was such a neat little roo and took good care of his girls.

So to replace him in the flock I got this new, more flamboyant rooster. He got his ass kicked by one of the hens when I first introduced them, I had to break up the fight. I cleaned him up and put him back in his cage for a while to relax and then tried to introduce them again. The second time was a success.

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D. Ward said...

Poor ninja rooster...