Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bitless bridle tryout and September goals

Gypsy is still improving. She is no longer lame but has been tender footed. I haven't used her boots on her in a while and she still is ok. I'd like to get some weight off of her but with not being able to ride her, it's going to be tricky. I guess hand walking is in order then. I could use the walking too, I guess, grumbles.

I tried Doodles in the bitless bridle today. She did ok, but she needs to get used to it. She's not flexing to the left very well. I'm wondering if this is a new thing or something I just never noticed before. To the left, she bends and flexes very nicely. To the right, it's not as nice. It's like pulling teeth to get her to keep her head where it should be. I never noticed her that rigid on that side before. A little tense, yes, but not out and out stiff as a board. I kept working with her and finally got a nice response. I'm not sure if it's just the new bridle or what, but it's something we will be working on. I could have pushed the issue a bit more and gotten more out of her, but it's been soooooo hot and I didn't think it was fair to her to keep asking for more when she really was trying. The heat has been awful, it's been in the upper 90's and it has sucked. I am not a hot sun kind of person. I like the heat but even this has been too much for me. I hope it cools down a little.

I did end up dusting off my dressage saddle and using that today. She did well with it. I like the way she looks in english tack. I need to take a pic or a million to show her off! I do, however, need a new girth since all of my english girths are crap and are too big for small little Doodles. I also need new reins for the new bridle. It's an english bitless bridle but for some reason, it came with western reins on it. They are nice reins but they just feel a little odd in my hands. They will have to do for now since I can't afford much until Friday. I did find a really nice pair of reins at the local tack store that I'm looking forward to picking up soon.

I hit a yard sale the other day and the lady was selling some horse stuff. She had a small horse and it looked like most of his stuff would fit Doodles. Mega score! I got some bell boots, a horse first aid kit, a fly sheet AND a winter blanket all for twenty bucks! I needed a winter blanket for Doodles. I have some that fit Gypsy well but nothing seems to fit Doodles because she is so small. I swear she looks more like a Thoroughbred or an Arabian then a Paint. I have her papers though, so I know she's a Paint, but she really does not look like one.

So, my goals for August were a fail. I wanted to take Doodles to a clinic but that did not happen since I had to work that weekend.

Goals for September:

1) Take Doodles to a clinic!
2) Start some canter work.
3) Get that right side stiffness smoothed out.
4) Buy new reins for the bitless bridle.
5) Buy a new english girth.

We are moving forward! Yay!

Sorry no Pictures from today. It was too hot and my head was melting so I didn't think to bring the camera out.

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