Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So far so good.

Gypsy still seems to be getting better. Lots of soaking and epsom salts later. I'm happy she's feeling better, but still I haven't seen an abscess break through. There are a few spots that seems suspect, but nothing yet. The easysoaker boot has made things a bit easier. It still doesn't fit quite right unless I fill it with hot water first to make it more flexible. Without it though, I would be fighting with buckets and Gypsy has never been one for keeping her feet in a bucket.

The easyboots have made her walk much better. I noticed the other day when I left them off for a while she seemed very sore. She even seems to like them. When I came out to put them back on after her hoof soaking she picked up her feet so easy for me. I like to give her an hour or so with them off to let her feet breathe. I need to find out how long I can leave the boots on.

Ok, that's it. I blame my boring yet somewhat informative post to the fact I am on a 9 day work spree with no days off. I am tired. If I don't post anything more for a while it's because I'm working. I'm always working.

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Stephanie said...

Hi! Stumbled onto your blog from one of your other followers. Nice reading and beautiful mares :)

Stop by sometime... I'm at http://theaspiringequestrian.blogspot.com/