Thursday, January 13, 2011

After the storm.

The snow storm hit us hard. We got more snow then they expected. My morning was spent by feeding the girls and turning them out and then jumping in the truck to plow. I spent at least and hour plowing. Now not only do we have the big driveway to to plow but also the road to the barn and behind the barn. It's double the plowing now. After I got everything plowed out, the truck had to go in to the dealer to be looked at so I wouldn't have the truck for the day. That was ok though since once my Mom picked me up from the dealers and brought me home, I had lots and lots of shoveling and snow blowing to do. And that was my day. Out in the snow all day.

I'm still getting used to not having Eve around. It's strange not having her next to me while I'm on the computer. Before her leg got really bad she used to sit on the couch with me, but once her leg got bad she couldn't jump up on the couch with out being in pain. Moe, my other pitbull has stepped in and taken Eve's place on the couch and the bed. Moe hasn't left my side since Eve left us. He seems to know that he's a only child now.

Gypsy has been practicing her airs above the ground and her best Lipizzaner impression in the snow. It's nice to see her playing and feeling good. She's been doing really good and her feet look great. I need to get a pic of her feet sometime. Doodles is just being Doodles and trying to stay out of Queen Gypsy's way.

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