Saturday, January 29, 2011

Changing things up.

I'm going to apologize for the way this blog may look for the next week. I'm trying to change the layout and since I'm not the best at stuff like this, it may look awful for a while. Please forgive my lack of skills.

In other news, my foster dog is now my dog officially. She's fitting in very well and other then a few little problems here and there, she is doing good and quickly becoming a member of the family.

We had a moment where she chased the horses around and got kicked in the head by Gypsy. I slipped under the electric fence, ran to get her, picked her up and carried her out of danger. She was ok but scared. I think she'll think twice about chasing the horses again. At least, I hope so. She hasn't tried again, so I'm hoping she learned something. She and Moe are getting along ok, but they did have a fight today and she ended up with a bloody ear. I cleaned her up and gave her a kiss and a cookie, she seems fine, it's just a little scratch.

I still don't know what to call her. She came with the name Lady, but I don't think it fits her. She is NOT at Lady. My Mom likes Apple, I like Lucy, Emma, Peaches, Shady, or Lily. But I really have no idea about what to call her. Nothing seems to fit. I need to pick something soon. I may just keep her name Lady, but Apple is cute. I just don't know. I need to make her a tag soon and of course I'll need a name to put on it, but I'm still at a loss of what to call her.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the new addition! I did a double take when I saw 'Lady's' picture, she looks just like one of my parents rescues. Hopefully she learned her horse lesson :)

Muddy K said...

Love the new blog look so far.

How about Malfi? She looks like such a sweet dog, grateful to have a home. That would be pronounced MAHL-fee. I don't why I thought of it, just something in her face.

Although the word verification is Roxy,and that's not bad either. Ha!

Rebecca said...

What about compromising with Shady Lady? :)

She looks like what our pit-chihuahua mix's pit parent must look like. (I know, its a weird mix, she was a stray we adopted. :P)