Monday, January 31, 2011

Grin and plow it.

More snow is on the way. I'm not really excited about that, but what can you do? Grin and plow it. (Ha, if I ever get one of those decals for my plow, that's what I'm going to have it say.) It's been really cold again, we got a short break of temps in the 30's but now it's back to the single digits and everything is icy. The paths to the barn are so slippery, I'm worried one of these days I'm going to fall and break my hip. Well, not really my hip, but still, falling on ice carrying full water buckets is not my idea of a good time.

Speaking of not a good time, my truck has been stalling out once it warms up. We figured out what it is and now I'm just waiting for the part so it can be fixed. For now though, I have to keep driving it like that. It stalls whenever I come to a stop. I'm sure people are thinking that I don't know how to drive, but really, it's not me, it's the truck! It's led to some interesting moments. It stalls out and I have to throw in into neutral and start it again and then keep my foot on the gas while it's in neutral to keep it running. I then throw it into drive really fast without taking my foot of the gas and go on my merry way. It's annoying. I've become that redneck in the big truck that revs the engine at all the stops that people hate. Yeah, I'm that guy. I can't wait to get it fixed. Also my plow won't come off. The switch on the jack that lowers it won't work and that means the plow is stuck on the truck. The plow still works, but I just can't take it off. Awesome.

Money wise I'm a little strapped, but I get my pay check this Friday and I'm dj'ing for the next two Fridays, so that will help me out a lot. I need to do my taxes so I can get some money for my hungry bank account! Of course, I'm sure all that money that will feed my hungry bank account will end up feeding my hungry horses. It always does. I need to stock up on hay and shavings and that will cost me. So once again, I leave out my stops to the coffee shops on my way to work and brown bag my lunches for a while. Do horse owners ever buy anything nice for themselves? The answer is no. All their money goes to their horses! I have a farrier appointment coming up too. More money waves goodbye. It's worth it though. I love my farrier and the girls love her. Gypsy's feet are looking awesome, the best I've ever seen them and I think my farrier and the Remission is why. I only have Gypsy on the Remission, but I think I'm going to put Doodles on it too. Gypsy's feet are as tough as nails now and are looking normal. The Remission, I'd like to think, has a lot to do with that. It's great stuff I'd recommend it to anyone with a horse that has bad feet. Really. Check it out! This stuff is really working for me. I had my doubts at first, but now I'm a believer! I won't ever go without it for Gypsy.

Now I'll leave you with some cute pictures of the dogs and Mr. Fluffers taking up my bed.

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Muddy K said...

Can we humans ever be as comfortable as animals? Never! Look how comfortable they are under those blankets. Wonderful pictures.