Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wet and cold rainy day

So it's nearly Thursday and I haven't written a thing this week. I have been busy with getting the house, yard and barn cleaned up. There's always something to be done and frankly I'd rather be outside on nice days then inside. Thankfully for my few readers, it's rainy and cold here today and I'd rather be inside then out today! We went from very nice sunny weather, to cold, wet and rainy. The Girls are fairing ok, but I can tell they are looking forward to the sun coming back. Right now they are outside in the rain. The stalls have been deconstructed so they can't go in the barn. They don't seem to mind too much, I gave them some hay to munch on and that helps I think. I feel bad for them, but they are tough ladies and I think they will be ok. Once the barn is done I won't have to worry about this anymore and that will be nice. We had some of the manure scraped out but now I have a pond where the mud bog used to be. I can't win. I'm hoping it will dry out once we get some sun and dry weather, but I won't hold my breath. I need to have it filled in with gravel or something so the water can sink to the bottom and the horses and I can walk on the top. I still don't understand how we can live on a hill and still be so muddy and wet.

I'm looking forward to sunny nice weather so I can maybe ride these beasts that I do so much work for. I spend enough money and time on these damn horses, I want to be able to ride them!! Soon enough, that will come. I still have the whole summer a head of me. I just don't want the whole summer to go by and me saying in the fall, "oh well, there's always next summer". At least I have a horse trailer now so I can go to a few local rides, shows and clinics.

No pictures today. It's too cold and wet for me to leave my comfy couch. Well, ok, maybe I can find ONE pic for you to look at and give this post some color.

There! I leave you with My dog Eve and Mr. fluffers on my bed. Now I'm done.

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