Monday, May 17, 2010

Been a lot going on!



Ok, so yet again I have become lazy with blogging. But it's been sooooo nice outside and why be on my computer when I could be outside with the horses?!? And outside with the horses I have been! I've been riding Mystic (aka Doodles) almost everyday. Not for long, just 10 minutes here, 15 there, never more then a half hour at a time. I'm still keeping things short and simple for her so she doesn't get confused. She's doing really well with everything. She doesn't have her power steering yet, but we are getting there. Brakes are ok though, so that's good. I'm really liking this little horse! She's smart, relaxed and now she's really trusting me and coming into her own. That little lady is becoming something very special to me.

Gypsy is also doing well. I took her to a training clinic on Saturday. I was so nervous! It was the first time I have ever trailered my own horse. I was so nervous something bad would happen. My Mom even followed me up there "just in case". Luckily, Gypsy knows more about trailering then I do and was a saint in the trailer. When we got the the clinic the trainer just laughed and said, "You know you were more nervous then this horse getting here! Did you even breathe on your way here?" No, I don't think i did. The clinic went well for us and I felt we made some break threws and I learned a lot. I met a few new people which was nice, but I had the feeling I was being laughed at by others. I don't worry about it since I was there to learn and not show off how much I know. It's a learning clinic not a horse show people! If Gypsy and I knew everything we'd be at horse shows and not learning clinics. Not really, cuz I don't want to show, but you get the idea. I learned that I brace in my stirrups and I didn't even realize I was doing that! I need to stop doing that! I also learned that I tend to try and hold Gypsy back which annoys and frustrates her. I'm leaning to sit better in the saddle and give more of a loose rein when I'm not asking her of something. What I learned with Gypsy at that clinic is helping me with Doodles too! I can't wait to go to the next one! I really wish I could go to the one in June but I can;t since I have to work the Dock Dogs event that weekend. July will be the next one I can make.

Gypsy's feet are looking kinda strange. She has a chip/crack in the right front and the left front is flaring out again. I sent my farrier and email and am waiting back to hear from her to see if she'll stop by and take a quick look. I'm so paranoid about Gypsy's feet. I just want to know if this is normal after laminitis or is it something to worry about. It's not like I'm riding Gypsy hard or anything. Just walking and some trotting, very little to no cantering. Gypsy doesn't seem to be bothered by her funny looking feet, but then again, who knows what it is doing long term.

Oh and at the clinic the trainer flagged Gypsy (with me on her back) in the round pen. That was kinda scary for me! Kinda hard to sit to that and not be freaked out! I still had fun though. Dispite the people in the corner laughing at us, I still had fun and learned things.

The barn is coming along so nicely! The stall walls are being put in. I can't wait untill it's all done and it looks like a barn again. I can't wait to put all my tack in the new tack room! I need to take some pics again of it all. It's gonna be soooo nice!

Truck and trailer after our clinic and back at home

saddle up and go ride!


goodtimetoreview said...

I'm glad that your trailering went better than my last trailering ended with me at the hospital with a concussion and two staples in my head. not fun!
Those people who go to clinics and laugh at other people piss me off big time. I've dealt with people like that at shows, and clinics and it makes me want to snap. I also hate horse people who don't help other horse people. Like when I had the accident loading my horse. I was standing there with blood gushing out of my head in my platinum blonde hair and people just stared and drove or walked by...i even had someone ask me to move my truck and trailer so they could get by. thanks jerks! lol

neith said...

People can be such jerks! Laughing at me at a clinic, ok whatever, I can deal. But not helping someone who needs help? That's a really crappy thing to do. I would have been so upset if that happened to me! How hard is it to ask if someone needs help? Not very hard really. Even if that person doesn't want the help, that's fine, but it's always nice when help is offered. Horse people need to bond together more and not be so snooty to each other. The cliqueyness drives me crazy and is the reason I prefer to trail ride.