Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mystic's first saddle on her back

No there was no bucking, rearing or freaking out. In fact, she looked bored by it all. It was very uneventful, so all of you looking for a rodeo, better luck next time!

Hmmmm, what's this?

Ok, I guess


After I got the saddle on her with no problems (she just stood there and looked bored), I put my weight into the stirrup and leaned on her back. Nothing. I didn't want to push it and get into the saddle all the way, plus I didn't have anyone else nearby just in case. Next time I do this I will have someone else outside with me so I can sit my big bum in the saddle. She's been really good with all of this though and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will keep going so smoothly. Calm, slow and short. That's how I want to keep her lessons.

I rode Gypsy on a trail today. She did well. I notice though that she gets a little unsure on new trails and acts up more but if it's a trail she knows, she's ok. She's getting there. I hope this nice weather we are having will keep up so I can get a few more rides in this week. I rode the sand pit loop today with Gypsy and even though she doesn't know the trail well, she wasn't too bad. She could have been better, but I'll try her out there again tomorrow or tuesday and see how she does. I do think she will make a nice trail horse, but we do have a lot of things to work on first. She's almost ok with water crossings, which is nice. She doesn't like dark mud though. She knows how to be pig headed but if I just ride her through it she settles a bit. I need to teach her to settle more. At least she is walking forward now! We've come a long way!

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