Saturday, April 24, 2010

The barn is coming along nicely. The new sills are being put in and the stalls are being re-arranged. We are making a loafing shed in the back of the barn for the horses to just chill out in during bad weather. The guy who is doing the barn is amazing. He really does a nice job! He is easy to get along with too, which is nice since he is here all of the time.

This pic was taken a few weeks ago.

This pic is newer, within the past week.

We got a freak late snow last week.

We bought a truck finally. It's a Dodge Ram. It's about time we had a work truck. I like driving it a little better then my Jeep but maybe that's just because it's new to me. Or maybe it's because it's a truck.

New truck, well, not new, but new to us!

New (to us) horse trailer to go with new (to us) truck.

And yes, we did buy a horse trailer, another finally. I've had horses for 20 years give or take and I have never had one of these things! I'm like a proud new momma with my toys. I got the decals off today with the help of a hair dryer so now it just says farm and Maine. I would like it to be changed to Classical Banjo Farm, Limington, Maine. I need to find a decal person.

I know my posts have been non existent and short and scattered lately but with all the things going on around here I haven't had time to write or the attention span for it. I hope to fix that this week and catch up on here. My writing skills are lacking and I would also like to fix that as well. My goal for the week is to do at least 4 posts. We'll see how that goes! I know not many people read this blog and this blog is really just meant to keep tabs on the horses and things going on around here and record progress. I want to see things transform and be able to look back and say "Wow, I remember that! Look how far it's come now!"


Rebecca said...

I hear ya, I say the same thing about my own blog...Noone's reading it but at least I can look back at it and smile. :o)

Did you see the link that sometimes comes up on Blogger advertising to turn a blog into a book? I thought that would be interesting.

neith said...

I love the fact that I can look back on things in writing and in pictures! Turning my blog into a book would be neat. I like the idea of having something to hold on to so to speak.