Monday, April 5, 2010

Some pictures to go with the post below.

Ok, so I got over my laziness and decided to post pictures. If you read the post below, these pics will make a little more sense.

Flowers in the garden blooming.

Pudgy, one of my many barn cat helpers.

Mystic, AKA Doodles, by the barn.

The girls by the barn. Everything is still messy, but getting there.

Gypsy nibbling what little grass there is in the paddock. Notice there is less mud? I do!

The green post is one of the new T-posts that I'm re-doing all the fence posts with.

The new paddock. Notice the green grass right outside of the brown area. The brown area is the new section, the green area is the lower pasture.

Some of my fencing handiwork. I used the stumps from the pine trees that we cut down during the winter as fence posts.

The new paddock.

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