Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today in order to combat Gypsy's barn/pasture sour issues, i saddled her up and took her for a walk around. i didn't ride, not at first, i just walked along side of her and talked to her. We walked to one end of the pasture, then the other. We did ground work in one corner, then left the pasture and did ground work someplace else. There was lots of walking and lots of ground work. i did ride her for a little while. We worked on some bending and flexing and some yielding. Then after that, i got back off and took her for a walk down the road. I'm sure it looked silly, me walking with my horse and just talking to her and petting her, but it worked. Tomorrow we will go for a longer walk around the "block" Maybe this will work?!? i hope so. She's such a good girl, but can be such a stinker sometimes.

Please ignore the pink bridle. It fits her small head and i like it for training because she likes to chew on my reins.

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