Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conversations on the dance floor

I have found working with horses has made me a better dj. When working with a horse, it's all about the conversation. Does the horse know what you are saying? If I ask my horse a question does my horse say "ok, I know what you want, here is the answer." or does she say "I don't understand the question." Dj'ing is like that. Can I convey to the crowd what I am saying in a clear way or is my set of music coming off scattered and confusing? I am learning how to have better conversations with my horses and my crowds. I am learning just because something isn't working that doesn't mean give up on it, it just means I need to find a better way to express it. Can I ask my horse for a flex at the poll and get the right answer? Did I convey what I wanted properly? Can I ask for more people to come out to the dance floor and dance? Did they understand the music's flow? I think about how to have better conversations, because without conversation, you are just being silent and someone else is talking at you, or vice versa.

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