Thursday, January 29, 2015

A new start and new things on the farm

 Things have changed a lot here on the farm. So much so that now the farm even has a name, Classical Banjo farm. We have added to the farm as well. We now are home to two goats who I brought home in July of 2014 and are now (hopefully) pregnant, more chickens and a couple of turkeys, and a new horse named Greta. Greta is a Norwegian Fjord and just came to live with us in December of 2014. We have also added 2 bee hives and are hoping for honey this year. A lot of things have happened and I'm sorry I never got back here to write about it all. I'm hoping to change that and come back to writing in full force. I've been reading a lot and that has inspired me to start writing again, even if it is just on a blog that no one reads. So as I try to update and restart my blog things will be changing as I have changed much over the time I have not been writing. I Hope to update at least once or twice a week. For now that is the goal I hope to stick to and I will try to not let life get in the way this time. And by life, I mean my job, since I seem to be there more than I am on the farm, or at least it feels that way sometimes. So now I introduce Greta and the goats!!

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