Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Gypsy and I wanted to try out for the circus today.
Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catch up. The short kind.

So this month I haven't written much as you all know. I've been sick and it turned out to be walking pneumonia. I'm feeling much better now and hopefully will get back into the swing of riding AND blogging. I haven't done much with the horses due to being sick but some things did happen. Gypsy was super lame one day, like hopping on three legs lame. So of course I freaked out like any horse mom would. I checked her legs and nothing seemed broken but she did have a lot of swelling going on the the leg. I called the vet and wrapped the leg. I had to go to work and the whole time I was at work I was so worried. The vet was able to come out that day and I was luckily able to get out of work early to meet her at the house. This was all happening in the beginning of me getting sick. Turned out Gypsy had another hoof abscess and more soaking in epsom salts needed to happen. Long story short (cuz it's late and I'm tired) the abscess broke threw the corney band and now Gypsy is fine. Both girls also got their shots. Turns out Miss Doodles does not like needles. I never knew that and felt really bad with the way she acted with the vet. She kinda tried to kill the vet. Bad Doodles!

Anyways, it's late and I'm tired and yes, I know the time stamp is messed up on this blog, it's really 10:50pm and not whatever this blog post says

Gypsy's once duck taped hoof and swollen leg. I like the flame duck tape, it added fun to a normally awful task.

Thankfully Gypsy was really good about her hoof soaking and made it easy for her sick mommy. Now with her mystery lameness solved (for now anyways) I can start riding her bare back and at a walk around the pasture to help tone her up and get her some much needed exercise.

Small steps and things we will get there.

Ok, bedtime now!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Coming back soon!

I have been slacking on this blog. I have had some good reasons, at least for this week to be slacking. I have been sick with a nasty cold. I will be back writing again soon. I have lots to write about, once my cold medicine head returns to normal. For now however, I think I need to get some sleep.