Thursday, April 21, 2011

A windy ride.

Today I rode early before I turned the Girls out for the day. I rode Gypsy since she is the one who needs the time under saddle right now and also because it was so windy I didn't trust Doodles to keep it together. Gypsy did well despite the wind. I felt like I was riding in a hurricane! I rode up to the field near the house and once there, Gypsy decided the wind, the soggy grass and the neighbor walking his dog, was just to much to deal with and started some small rears and bucks. She must have looked like a lazy rodeo horse. That is what she felt like. I'm sure the neighbor was wondering what the heck we were doing. After I got her focused back on me she was fine for the rest of our short ride, though still a bit nervous because of the wind. The gates to the cemetery were open so I was able to ride through there and onto the trail behind. She likes the trail behind the cemetery and was happy to go all the way up to the old church and then back again. I wish that trail was longer but for our short training rides it is perfect. Doodles seemed much better after being left alone. I didn’t hear her calling as much, but then again, I couldn't’t hear much over all that wind. I really do hope that they will get better about being separated the more that they are. Last year they seemed to learn to be ok with it. Since they have been doing nothing but hanging out together all winter I guess that this new thing of being worked and alone is hard for them to deal with. We are moving along in baby steps but I’m happy with that for now. I am learning that slow and steady is better and patience is in fact a virtue. I do like riding before I turn them out for the day. I might try that again tomorrow. I find it’s easier to get all the dried mud off of them and get ready. Maybe tomorrow I’ll brave Doodles. I’m worried about getting back on her for some reason. She’s been acting very hot and hard to handle on the ground so the idea of getting on her scares me a little. I think I’ll start with some nice ground work. The arena is still too muddy to ride or work in yet so I’m limited on places to go right now and I’m still not so sure about taking Miss Doodles into the field next door yet. I like the security of the arena for riding Doodles.


Muddy K said...

What about taking Doodles for a trail walk, like she were a big dog? Does she lead well? If so, try it sometime. I've found this to be a wonderful sharing experience that might let you ease into riding her. You guys can walk and spook together, you know? Just a thought.

And, as you know from my blog, I have confidence issues. That being said, sometimes it's perfectly okay to trust your nerves and not get on until you do feel ready. Groundwork and trail walks make it easier for me to know when the time is right for me.

neith said...

That sounds like a good idea. I think I'll try it!!!