Monday, April 11, 2011

Just because I have the day off

It's raining. A lot. Thunder storms with massive rainfall. My front yard looks like a lake. I was excited to go riding today but with all this rain and mud, I can't do anything. It's another day of watching tv and reading about riding.

This hole used to be a swimming pool. I guess it is again. I'd like to make a pond out of it this summer. At it's deepest point it's about 3 feet. There's a lot of water in that hole right now!!

This is part of my front lawn. It's under water. My walk to the barn is more of a swim right now. I'm thankful for the Bogs boots I got for Christmas last year! they keep my feet nice and dry while wading through all that water!

My boots are not this clean anymore. I recomend these boots to anyone who has to walk through a lot of water and muck! They don't get sucked off in thick mud, they are warm in the cold winter and keep my feet 100% dry! They are light and very comfy. They almost feel like slippers yet they keep my feet so nice and dry. I LOVE them! Mine have held up well so far and other then being dirty, they still look almost brand new. I wear these everyday and they have not cracked or come up with any holes. I don't know how I have lived without these for so long. I will always own a pair of them now! And no, I am not getting paid by Bogs to write this, I just love these boots that much!!!

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