Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rain, it's better then snow.

I went to Tractor Supply yesterday, not because I needed anything but just because I hadn't been in a while. It's always a bad idea for me to go since I always end up with something that I really don't need. In this case it was 2 horse magazines. I did buy some fencing stuff, but that I can always use and always need. Impulse buys I guess. I don't fall for impulse buys most of the time but on a rainy yucky day, the magazines seemed a good choice. I enjoyed coming home and staying in bed reading them. I had woken up yesterday morning (my day off) excited to ride but within an hour of my getting up and my coffee time the snow flakes started to fall. Ok, no big deal, I can ride in a little snow. Then it started pouring. My hopes of riding were quickly dashed. Too much mud, too much wet, too much yuck. I ran my errands instead. The trip to TS was a planned unplanned stop.

On Sunday, after working a really long day I came home and the first thing I saw when I pulled in was the fence in ruins. I instantly thought, where are my horses? I jumped out of the truck and went over to the destroyed fence and saw no horses. Uh oh. I then looked in the barn and there they were, happily munching hay locked in their stalls. Turns out while I was at work they broke the fence and got out. My poor boyfriend and mother had to wrangle them back into the barn. Thankfully they were home and awake. I'm not really sure what caused the breakout but I have since fixed the fence and revamped the charger. Take that you silly horses!

Today is another rainy yucky day. I have to work later tonight. Until then I am going to sit and finish reading my magazines. No riding today. It's just too gross out. I wish I had an indoor.

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