Monday, September 6, 2010

Hurricane? What hurricane?

We didn't get much of anything from Hurricane Earl. Earl must have given up by the time it got to Maine. Hey, it is vacation land. We did get a little wind, enough to crack a board on one of the new barn doors, not really sure how that happened, but whatever. And it did rain, a lot, but off and on a lot. It wasn't bad. I did ride Doodles today. She's getting more used to the bitless bridle. I need to get back to riding everyday or almost everyday. I've been slacking. I'm trying to teach Gypsy some tricks. I figure it's a good way to work with her but not ride her. I want to teach her to bow. That's first, since I think it will be the easiest to teach her. So far so good. Treats work well but I need to find a low sugar treat that she'll still like and be willing to work for. I hate giving to many treats to her since she is over weight and shouldn't be getting many treats or much sugar. I need to get Gypsy moving more but it's so hard with her being lame all the time. She's actually much better and walking almost soundly but I don't want to puch her by riding her yet. Hand walking only for Gypsy right now. It is what it is and it needs to be done. She is out all day in the pasture, but she's a pasture puff and doesn't do much of anything when left to her own devices.

Here's a couple of videos of me riding Doodles today. Please ignore my fat bum and bad riding. I have a bunch of other videos from today but they all are pretty much the same so, yeah, this is what you get. I think she looks pretty good for a horse that was just started this spring and doesn't have that many rides on her yet. I'm really excited to keep working her, I think she's going to turn into a really nice horse. The best $250.00 slaughter house special ever!

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