Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doodles is being a bug.

Doodles was a total shit today during our ride. She wouldn't give to pressure, she kept stopping and turning into the fence, she wouldn't keep trotting, she was sure the monsters at the corner of the ring were going to kill her. I was getting frustrated and that was making her frustrated and even more cranky. I took some time to relax and got her settled into some yielding exercises and then just called it quits. I wanted to end on a good note, which we did. I did get her to canter almost all the way around the ring today! That means she turned while cantering, which is something she hasn't felt comfortable doing until today. I normally ride in the afternoons and these past two days I have ridden her in the morning so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I won't be able to ride until the afternoon tomorrow so I guess I will see if that's it. Maybe she's not a morning mare?

I've also noticed that with the new English girth I got her, she is now trying to bite me when tighten it. I don't think she likes mohair. I'll need to find something that is more to princess's liking. I should have just bought the leather one like I wanted.

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Rebecca said...

My gelding hates mohair, I think it pinches if they have "thin" skin. I ended up having to switch him to one that has fuzzy sheepskin on the inside and elastic on both ends. He also falls into a routine very quickly, so if I change something like a morning ride time to an afternoon ride time, he gets pissy. Congrats on cantering all the way around the arena!