Thursday, November 19, 2009

long time, no post

Gypsy has been going back and forth from lame to not so lame. We had some front shoes put on her on Oct 30th but a week later she had pulled one shoe and not even a week after that she pulled the other. The mud in the pasture is sucking them off. I'm looking forward to the ground freezing at this point. We had put equi-pak, or pads under the shoes, that did stay on, kinda. She's getting better, but not better enough to ride. Oh well, so much for having a horse i can do things with. It's too cold to really get any good rides in awyways and with hunting season going on, i wouldn't even want to try.

Now that it's getting colder i can no longer run outside in my p.j.'s to quickly feed her. I have to bundle up in warm clothes and then chip ice out of the water buckets. I had to thaw out the water line last night to get water to her. Winter in Maine....gotta love it! I still need to buy a heated water bucket. I'm almost thinking i can get away without it since i only have one horse right now and it's fairly easy to get enough water to her but i kinda want one anyways so she'll keep drinking lots and lots of water.

The farrier is coming tomorrow to put the shoes back on and see what else he can do to make her walk a little better. She's doing ok right now though and i'm not sure if it's because the pads fell out or not. I'll try and take some pics tomorrow and get them up here. I have no new pics right now. In fact, i need to charge my batteries.

I've been spending a fair amount of time in the barn cleaning and when Gypsy is in she seems to like my company. I talk to her and tell her stories, i started reading her a book but with how cold it is outside and how little i'm used to it, it's hard to stay out there for long if i'm not moving and doing something. She likes it when i tell her stories though. Her ears come up and she looks relaxed and will just stand and listen, not even munching on hay, just listening and watching me. I can't wait untill the barn it fixed up and the stalls are safe for horses again, i'll be able to get her a friend, maybe even a friend i can ride. Then she'll have some other equine company.

Well, time to get ready for work.

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