Monday, October 12, 2009


Gypsy seems to be getting better, she's moving around her small area more. I had to cut her pasture into a small padock so she can't move around much. I feel bad that she was used to having so much room to roam and now she's stuck in a small dirt lot.

Giving her the meds has been easier thanks to apple cider and orange juice! She seems to really like the mix i make and sometimes even looks for more! On friday she will be done all of her meds so that will make life easier for me.

I've been sick with a nasty cold so i haven't done much other then feed her and give meds. i need to give her a good grooming, she's covered in mud, but luckily a little mud on her coat for a few days won't hurt her. She looks like a furry mud ball!

I'll post some pics with my next entry, for now I've felt like such poo that i haven't wanted to do much but sleep.

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