Friday, November 20, 2009

farrier needs vet.

The farrier came today and put some more goo pads in Gypsy's front feet. She's still lame in the hind though. So much so that we couldn't do anything with them. So now it's time to get the vet involved again. The farrier seems to think the pain is not in her hoof but some place else. So i called the vet and got the ok to give her 1 gram of bute twice a day for 3 days and then 1 gram once a day for 3 days then give her some time off of it. We will need to get the vet out with the farrier in order for Gypsy to be sedated and blocked so he can do the work on the hind feet in a safe manner. I'm not sure when this will be, no one can give me an answer. It's going to be hard to get both vet and farrier out at the same time and when i have time off from work. It's hard enough to get one out here by themselves, it will be dam near impossable to get them both. There is good news though, Gypsy's front feet are getting better and the white line is getting better. It's a slow road but i think we can pull through.

For now it seems Gypsy will still be on limited outside time and need her hooves to stay clean and dry. I'm hopeing that the hind lameness is just some soreness and will go away. I'm getting kind of tired of dealing with a lame horse that i can't even ride, but it's so wet and cold outside that i wouldn't be able to ride anyways.

I made a small padock in the back yard for Gypsy to hang out in during the day. It's just a little space that she can use to get outside and move around a bit and get some sun and fresh air. She seems to really like it and since she's now in the back yard i can see her, which i couldn't in the big pasture, so that means i can keep a better eye on her and how she's moving. She also seems to like being close by to everyone and eveything and see the goings on by the house.

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