Monday, June 6, 2011

A short 100th post

I'm going to make this short since I'm tired and should go to bed but I wanted to update everyone and get myself back into a weekly blog writing routine again. Things have been rather nice here. It's finally dried up after our 2 weeks of rain and the grass has come in nice and tall. I spent a few weeks getting the girls used to the grass slowly so we don't have any more laminitis problems. I fenced off part of the backyard so they can graze since it was too wet to get a lawn mower in there. I figure on more pasture can't hurt anything and on the plus side I won't have to mow it. The girls look great and I think the grass and the Omega Horseshine I started in their feed has made a huge difference. They are so shiny and soft. That Omega Horseshine is like gold to me now. I just wish it was a little less expensive.

I've been riding as much as I can which is turning into everyday. Some days I just ride Gypsy or Doodles other days I ride both. I've gotten back on Doodles and she's been a peach. She's been so good for me. Today Doodles even learned that she can canter with me on her back for more then 4 strides. We made it all the way around the arena and on the correct lead and everything. I'm so proud of my Doodles. She's turning out to be more fun to ride then Gypsy, who lately has not be that much fun to ride. Gypsy has been a pain in the ass. She bucks, she bolts, she stops dead, she won't go where I ask, she's stiff. She's getting better, but it's been a battle. She's just so lazy and stubborn sometimes. I hope that by the end of the summer she's headed in the right direction. I'm getting better at dealing with her temper tantrums and hanging on.

I'm happy to be riding as much as I have been though. I've even gotten back into reading some training books and I'm able to apply it to our daily rides. I feel more confident on my horses and I think that helps them too. I'm excited for the summer and once I get my truck and trailer fixed up (both need tires and the truck needs an alignment) I'll be heading to some clinics and maybe a fun show.

Ok, that's all for tonight, time for me to get to bed. Sorry for the short and lazy 100th post. I wanted to do something fun but I just haven't had them time.

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Muddy K said...

Way to go! I'm so glad you are riding both of your girls and that your confidence is growing. That just rocks. What's Omega Horsehine; I mean why do you like it so much?