Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lazy me.

i haven't been riding much and today i really have no excuse on why i didn't. It was a beautiful day out weather wise but i just couldn't seem to get myself in the mood to ride. i did clean the barn up a bit and i did spend time with Gypsy, but i just didn't ride her. Looking back at my day now, i'm kinda sorry i didn't ride her.

i do need to start riding her as much as i can since i need to get her in shape and myself too.

The barn is slowing coming along and being fixed but it's a slow process since the guy who is doing it it taking his time. i just want it done already!

Soon i hope to have both the empty stalls fixed, even though i really only want one more stall for one more horse. i plan on useing the center stall for goats.

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