Wednesday, February 23, 2011

peaking out.

Everything is ok here. The animals are fine and I'm ok but caught in a wave of winter depression due to some non animal factors. Things will be ok, I'll get it all figured out in time. I'll try and crawl out of my hole long enough to enjoy what few nice days we are having. Today is one of those nice days and I'm waiting for a friend of mine to get out of classes and come over so we can have some horsey time. I need horsey time. It's been hard to enjoy the horses when it's so cold out. My mornings consist of getting out of my nice warm bed, putting on socks before my feet hit the cold floors and finding whatever warm shirt I can find before I venture out into the main house. It's cold in there in the mornings. I turn up the heat, start the wood stove, get the coffee going and then grab even more warm gear to throw on so I can go out and feed the horses their breakfast. I slip on ice on my way to and from the barn. It's winters like this that make me envy the people who board. I chip ice from buckets, refill them and set them out again only to have to chip ice again in a few hours. Manure left in wheelbarrows freezes to it and must be kicked out later. Don't leave poop in the wheelbarrow when it's cold. I'm looking forward to spring, but with spring comes mud season so it's kinda hard to be optimistic about that coming. What's better? Ice and cold or mud and warm? This remains to be seen at this point.

I knew I'd get hit with some form of winter depression at some point. I always do. When all I want to do is sleep and not move, I know i'm in trouble. If it wasn't for the animals (and work of course) I might not leave my bed. It'll pass and I'll move on and be more myself soon, I'm sure. So for now I'll just peak out of my hole long enough to see what's going on and enjoy some nice days and I'll come back out when things look better.

So close, yet so cold and far away.

I miss this!

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Muddy K said...

Hang in there. I vote for mud and warmth any time. This winter has been harsh, really harsh.