Saturday, November 6, 2010

Really? Again with the hoof abscess?

Gypsy has ANOTHER hoof abscess. She was 3 legged lame this morning. I figured since I had to go to work and I was running late, I'd leave her in the pasture until I got home to take care of her. Bad Idea. The poor girl was in so much pain she was laying in the mud all day. Since we had a lot of rain the other day the paddock is really muddy and she had no where to lay other then in it. I feel like such an ass. She was caked in mud. I was able to get her into the barn and clean her up a little and soak her hoof. She's all tucked into her stall now. Doodles was so worried, when I opened Doodles stall door to feed her she walked across the aisle to check on Gypsy. I had to shoo her back into her place. Tonight the girls will have to stay inside where it's dry and in the morning I'll hand walk Gypsy for a bit and then decide if she should go out or not.

Epsom salts, vet wrap and duck tape are my friends......again.

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