Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good horses today

I have been working with the horses almost daily. Today I was able to get a ride in on both of them and I am seeing marked improvements on them both. Gypsy is learning to move forward more and we even managed a small canter! It was small, but I have had such a hard time getting her to canter that I was starting to wonder if she could even do it at all! I'm learning not to be so tense and give her more reward when she does something right. I tend to tense up when I ride. I didn't realize I was doing this until the clinic I went to and the trainer pointed it out. It was like a light went on in my head. I'm making my horse tense so she doesn't want to go! I need to relax. I'm getting it and I think Gypsy is too.

I rode little miss Doodles in a halter with a lead rope tied to it. She did much better then she does with a bit. It makes me think there may be a tooth issue. She knows what I want from her, she just hates the bit so much that she loses focus. I like the halter lead rope thing for now. I'll see how far I can take it. When I tried riding her today like that I thought "this is either the smartest thing I've ever done, or the dumbest" lucky for me it turned out to be a smart idea. Both horses got a good workout today. I hope tomorrow I can put in some more ride time in the afternoon. I have to go to the DMV to get a new licence since I lost mine and I know that's going to take up more time then I would like. I get out of work early tomorrow so I should have lots of time for everything I need to do.

Oh and I have a tackroom now!!! I love it! I have a place to keep my stuff safe from the roaming band of chickens! I love having saddle racks and bridle hooks and everything in it's place. It's just so nice. The barn is getting so close to being done. I can't wait! At the same time though I will be a little sad about it since then Steve won't be around anymore and I do like talking to him. He's this biker type guy who's just really nice.

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